Why I’m Considering Online High School For My Son

onlineschoolStatistics show that a high school education can make a big difference not only in getting a job but receiving higher pay. One of the many marvels of computers is the opportunity to get that important education on line. However, statistics also show that graduation rates in the U.S. are declining rapidly and schools are increasingly more violent, vulgar, and dangerous places to send your child.

After the mass shooting at the elementary school in Sandy Hook, my husband and I have seriously started considering home-schooling or allowing our oldest son to attend school online. But he’s in high school and it’s a tough decision to make! Luckily, we were able to test out the idea by enrolling him in an online summer school to see how he liked it. Below, you’ll find a few of the things we’re considering while deciding whether or not to send our son to an online high school.

Part of my best memories growing up were from the times I spent at school. Hanging out with my friends at the bus stop, sitting together at lunch, and playing sports together at P.E. are all important aspects of my life. But things have changed. So why study online rather than a classroom? The difference is freedom. Online programs provide the flexibility and convenience that classrooms can’t.

First, the online student can study at his/her own pace rather than having to conform to a classroom teacher’s schedule. Online school courses are planned so that a student cannot go to the next level until the current level is completed. This helps to ensure the student understands what has been studied. A slow learner can progress without pressure and stress. On the other hand, smarter youth can progress faster through the courses and may finish earlier than his classroom peers.

Second, the student can schedule his/her own study times. This can be extremely helpful in cases of employment, especially for adults. It also means night owls can work in the wee hours of the morning wearing their pajamas.

Third, online study is particularly helpful for those with special needs or situations. Students who are easily distracted at school, those with debilitating illness or handicaps, those who live in rural or remote areas and prisoners in jail. Online studies provide a perfect way for school drop-outs to drop back “in”.

There are four types of programs for high school diplomas: public, charter, private, and university and college sponsored. Charter and public school programs are free to school-age minors. Private programs provide highly individualized courses at a high cost. College and University programs are geared for college prep and costs are about the same as college.

Looking for a good high school diploma program online can be chancy. Be sure any chosen program is accredited by an appropriate agency, usually the state education system or the U.S. Department of Education. Credits from a suitably accredited high school program can be transferred anywhere, and the completed certificate will be acceptable to any agency requiring that document. Additionally, before paying any fees, check with the Better Business Bureau to eliminate any bogus programs.

Online schooling can make it much easier to get that very important high school education. Shop around and choose a program that best fits your needs and budget. Then you can open some doors for the rest of your life.

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